Best Mining Forest

The Group has completed a Definitive Feasibility Study in 2010 which showed a robust economic potential, and the project design includes environmental and energy saving innovations. The Definitive Feasibility study showed the potential for developing the Mindoro Nickel project to produce nickel utilizing the HPAL process.

During the exploration stage and until the present, the project continue to be at the forefront of adapting sustainable agroforestry and livelihood programs, with the end view of introducing reforestation and rehabilitation techniques and ensuring livelihood opportunities for the stakeholder communities. This work has been cited by the regulatory agencies for the past 4 years (2014 to 2017) through awarding of the Best Mining Forest citation among all mining exploration projects nationwide, an annual award in support of the national government’s program on recognizing outstanding environmental achievements.

Nickel price

Source: LME Official Prices in US$ per tonne.

Lmnt Header
Resource category Tonnage (Mt) Ni (%)
Indicated 224,4 0,86 %
Inferred 120,3 0,87 %
Indicated and Inferred 344,7 0,86 %

Sunbright’s CSRM technology

Through a series of lab tests performed the Sunbright Consulting Limited, it was determined that both the limonite and saprolite ores respond well to treatment with Sunbright’s CSRM technology. With the CRSM technology, the ore is transformed into a higher grade concentrate. The technology uses significantly less energy, has much lower investment requirements and operating costs, as well as being much more environmentally friendly.

The Company has over several years worked to realize of the Mindoro Nickel project, through sale or other forms of partnership agreements. The Company is still prioritizing the realization of the Mindoro Nickel project.